ERROR: Grid parameters for GRIDDESC are inconsistent with initialized values

Hi, I am trying to create my own domain over my study area in SMOKE and run the emission sectors. The domain is at 4km resolution and 50 grid cells for both x and y. I first edited the griddesc_lambertonly_18jan2019_v7.txt under ge_dat/gridding, what I edited is add the following lines at the end of the griddesc file:
‘LAM_40N97W’, -1848000., -842000., 4.D3, 4.D3, 50, 50, 1
Then I edited the directory_definitions.csh under home/CASE/scripts, here are the changes I made:

Grid name

setenv REGION “MyDomain 4km”

setenv REGION_ABBREV “4MyDomain” # affects filename labeling

setenv REGION_IOAPI_GRIDNAME “MyDomain” # should match GRIDDESC

After this I went to the nonpoint sector and edited the Annual_rail_12US1_2017gb_17j.csh, here are the changes I made with this file:
setenv RUN_MONTHS “8”

setenv EPI_STDATE_TIME “${BASE_YEAR}-08-01 00:00:00.0”

setenv EPI_ENDATE_TIME “${BASE_YEAR}-08-10 23:59:00.0”

setenv SRGPRO “${GE_DAT}/gridding/surrogates/CONUS4_2017NEI_04mar2021/USA_100_NOFILL.txt”

After all of the above changes, I run the Annual_rail_12US1_2017gb_17j.csh

Then I got those errors:
ERROR: Grid origins not compatible between SaltonSea in
grid description file and initialized values.
ERROR: Grid parameters for SaltonSea in
grid description file are inconsistent with initialized values.
Any thoughts on those errors? Thanks

Can you please confirm the region your grid is supposed to cover?

Based on what I can tell, the Y origin of your intended domain is not offset by an integer multiple of 4 km from the Y origin of the 4 km gridding surrogates:

4 km gridding surrogates header:
#GRID us4k_1548x1332 -2952000.000000 -2772000.000000 4000.000000 4000.000000 1548 1332

Your intended domain:
‘LAM_40N97W’, -1848000., -842000., 4.D3, 4.D3, 50, 50, 1

x offset of intended domain relative to gridding surrogates in terms of grid cells: (2,952,000 - 1,848,000) / 4,000 = 276
y offset of intended domain relative to gridding surrogates in terms of grid cells: (2,772,000 - 842,000) / 4,000 = 482.5

Hi Hogrefe,

Thank you so much for your reply. My issued got resolved based on your suggestion. What I did is just change my y offset of “-842000.” to “840000.” which match the default domain boundary. Then all the error disappeared and my scripts run successfully. Thanks again!

Hi eyth, my interested domain is located at southern California. But my issue got resolved by the following suggestion. Still appreciate your reply!