Error in runnig srgtools

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to run srgtools to create spatial surrogates for my custom domain using CONUS control csv files. The problem is that the program crashes with an error that “Input File – ./conus_control_variables_grid.csv does not have REGION field needed”. I looked up the entries of the control variable csv file and there is no such field as REGION. Also, I successfully generated the surrogates that covers the Canadian part of my domain before attempting to generate US surrogates.

I used this excel for setting up the srgtool input and all the directories are linked to the right locations.

I’d be grateful if someone could review my logfile and tell me what might be wrong with my control file?
conus_control_variables_grid.csv (2.1 KB)
srg_grid_us.txt (1.0 KB)

Good morning,

Are you using the java-based surrogate tools as part of the spatial allocator or the postgres surrogate tools? The 2020 platform surrogates were built around the postgres tools and have not been tested for backwards compatibility. Certain fields may need to be added or modified to work in the java tool.

Hi James,

Thanks for your reply! Yes, I am using the java tool for generating the surrogates. I also checked the postgres control files and couldn’t find the REGION field to see what I should input there. Maybe it’s better if I use the 2017 platform control files as those files are compatible with the Java tool and modify the US surrogates base on the 2020’s update.

Regards, Hamid