Error in running the othptdust_adj script for a custom domain

Hi Everyone,

I am tying to run the EPA 2017 scripts to process the othptdust sector for my custom domain covering the lower British Columbia and only for the month of January. I checked the logfiles for the othptdust_onetime and othptdust_daily in the intermed folder and it appears that all the programs were completed successfully with the premerged files generated in the corresponding folders. The third script othptdust_daily_adj,however fails with the following errors:

ERROR: Could not open /home/cr8lab/hamid_workspace/Emission_2017/2017gb_17j/premerged/othptdust_adj/emis_mole_othptdust_adj_20170101_3mvrd_cmaq_cb6ae7_2017gb_17j.ncf
ERROR: Running annual summary for adjusted emissions

The problem is that no file exists in the referred path and I’m not sure whether it had to be generated during running the third script or not. I also edited the last line of the
Monthly_othptdust_daily_adj_12US1_2017gb_17j.csh (7.1 KB)
to use afdust_adj_emf_customdates.csh script.

The logfile from the daily_adj script is also attached. I would appreciate any help to figure out the issue.

Regards, Hamid
monthly_othptdust_daily_adj_log.txt (22.4 KB)

The third script applies a transport fraction adjustment to the gridded fugitive dust emissions, applies a meteorological adjustment to the transport adjusted file, and then generates a county report from the final adjusted gridded emissions file. I see in the log where the transport fraction program is running and where the report script fails but I don’t see an indication that the meteorological/precipitation adjustment is being applied. This adjustment step creates the file that the report script indicates is missing.

There should be a logfile under the logs directory in your intermediate path with a name similar to apply.precip.adj.cmaq_cb6ae7.3mvrd.2017gb_17j.20170101.log
This log should describe the error in the precip adjustment. Based on your script my best guess is that you are either missing or did not define the location to the daily METCRO2D files.

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Hi James,

Thanks for your reply! I changed the adjustment script at the end of the Annual_afdust_adj_12US1_ … to the one below, since I only have the metfiles for the first half of January and the customdates scripts automatically skip any day where there is not a METCRO2D. I read about it in this post Afdust_adj dates - #4 by eyth.alison. However, when I used this script I can not see the apply.precip_… in the log folder.

afdust_adj_emf_customdates.csh (14.1 KB)

When I change the script to:
afdust_adj_emf.csh (14.0 KB) I can see the logfile:
apply.precip.adj.cmaq_cb6ae7.3mvrd.2017gb_17j.20170101.txt (1.7 KB)
But as you mentioned, it prompts an error that METCRO2D file couldnot be found in the folder. I do have the mcip outputs in the said path, but the problem is that the name differs from the one in the logfile. Do I need to rename my METCRO2D file?


Yes, the easiest way to handle this issue is rename the METCRO2D files to match the “METCRO2D_YYMMDD” format in the script.

Thanks again for such a prompt response!

I renamed the file and with the customdates.csh and it creates the emis_mole_othptdust_adj_20170101_3mvrd_cmaq_cb6ae7_2017gb_17j.ncf previously missing in the /home/cr8lab/hamid_workspace/Emission_2017/2017gb_17j/premerged/othptdust-adj folder. The run crashes however with another error. I attached the log files for the runscript and the apply.percip.
monthly_othptdust_daily_adj_log.txt (12.6 KB)
apply.precip.adj.cmaq_cb6ae7.3mvrd.2017gb_17j.20170101.txt (5.7 KB)


The error is happening at the adjustment report step because there is not a complete month of adjusted files available. If you are not going to run complete months then you will need to comment out the call to the report script in the afdust_adj_emf_customdates script.

Hi James,

I was reading the precipitation adjustment part of the afdust_adj_emf_customdates script and I realized that the METCRO2D env. variable is defined based on the dates from the smk_date folder for 2017 before calling the precip_adj routine.

foreach date (tail -${days} ${smk_dat} | cut -d',' -f1)

	set outdate = ${date}
	set indate = `grep ^${date} ${smk_dat}| cut -d',' -f${datecolumn}`

	set metdate = `echo ${date} | cut -c3-8`
	setenv METCRO2D ${MET_ROOT}/METCRO2D_${metdate}

	# custom date settings: if METCRO2D doesn't exist, skip date
	if (! -e $METCRO2D) continue

If I understand correctly, it only recognizes the METCRO2D files if they are suffixed with the dates for which mcip outputs are available to perform the adjustment. When I renamed my METCRO2D file to METCRO2D_170101 it processed the first day and generated the emis_mole_othptdust_adj_20170101_3mvrd_cmaq_cb6ae7_2017gb_17j.ncf in the premerged folder and skipped the other dates. I’m guessing if somehow I could separate the dates and create METCRO2D files with the corresponding suffixes , like the files in this link: IWDW File Explorer, I’ll be able to generate the adjusted emissions.

Do you think this approach would work and have you had any experience in generating METCRO2D files for each day?

Regards, Hamid

If you choose to apply a precipitation adjustment to your dust emissions you will need to have daily meteorology from the METCRO2D. I don’t run MCIP but there is information available on the CMAQ github and in this forum on how to generate daily meteorology if it isn’t already provided for your domain.

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