Running NEI2017/othptdust for Inline mode

Hello everyone,

I am trying to run SMOKE 4.7 for NEI2017/point_sources using Inline option. while the runs were successful with INLINE_MODE “only” for Monthly_othptdust_onetime_12US1_2017gb_17j.csh and Monthly_othptdust_daily_12US1_2017gb_17j.csh, when I was running adj file faced an error which seems looking for met data. the log file is as below

apply.precip.adj.cmaq_cb6ae7.12US1.2017gb_17j.20170601.log.txt (1.6 KB)

My question is that is it possible to process othptdust source using inline option?If so why is it searching for met data?

The precipitation adjustment process applies gridded meteorological data to the fugitive dust emissions to reduce the amount of transportable dust. The adjustment requires that the fugitive dust emissions are processed in a gridded 2D format on a domain compatible with the meteorology.
Fugitive dust is by definition unconstrained from a stack and is typically processed as an area source. There are not tools readily available to apply the precipitation or transportable fraction adjustments to an inline file.

The othptdust sector must be run with INLINE_MODE = “off”, even when the end goal is running point sources inline in CMAQ. The emissions sources in this sector will not receive plume rise in CMAQ, and they should be output to a gridded 2-D file so that the met adjustments can work.

@eyth.alison & @james.beidler Thank you so much for your answers.
So I need to run MCIP before running this sector.