ERROR: input file not found: PEPROC

This Error appears when I was running smk ,and the screen shot of “spcmat.log” shows below.
I had also compared it with another pollutant.The config of another is the same as aim pollutant,but only change the pollutant name of input file.The left side with red exegesis(left) is aim pollutant,and the yellow exegesis(right) is another pollutant.
I had check the input csv/gsref/gspro/invtable,but did not find the “PEPROC”.
spcmat.YT_2020_CPM_CFPP_EF.YT_2020_CPM_CFPP_EF.cmaq.cb6.txt (5.5 KB)

Please provide a copy of your run script in addition to the log file to help in diagnosing this issue.

Agree with lizadams. Noting that something is making Spcmat think this is SMOKE-MOVES and is therefore asking for a MEPROC file (except that it appears as “PEPROC” since they are running a point sector). It may be a Smkinven setting or a flag in the INVTABLE. Could you provide their Smkinven log and INVTABLE?

I was solved finally by change a paremeter in INVTABLE ,changed reactive form “Y” to “N”