Error when running CMAQ-ISAM benchmark case

Hi All,
I encountered an error while running CCTM_ISAM benchmark case, I didn’t change any options in scripts, ICON and BCON program were completed successfully. Below is the error message in the log file.

forrtl: severe (47): write to READONLY file, unit 5, file /dev/pts/17

when I checked the permission of file /dev/pts/17, it will show as

[zdhjkx02@mu02 cctm_isam]$ ls -l /dev/pts/17
crw–w---- 1 zdhjkx02 tty 136, 17 Nov 26 16:16 /dev/pts/17

Any ideas?


Hi Ree,
I can’t tell from the information that you have provided what the issue is. Typically there are two types of log files, the CTM_LOG_xxx file, where messages are written by each processor as the job is running, and the log file that is written at the end of the program.
Did you obtain any CTM_LOG_xxx files when you ran the benchmark case? If so, use grep to look for an ERROR message in those files


One thing to verify is that you have edited the run script to specify correct location of the input directory. The run script that comes with the benchmark case needs to be updated:

 setenv INPDIR  /work/MOD3DATA/2016_12SE1    

Change it to something local to your machine, such as:

setenv INPDIR ${CMAQ_DATA}/2016_12SE1