Estimating PM2.5 emissions from BC/OC emission


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(1) SMOKE does not need PM2.5 - BC and OC can be modeled in SMOKE as individual inventory species. However, most of the modeling platform files however have been created assuming PM2.5 is available so there would need to be some modifications to the INVTABLE and perhaps other files.

(2) You could consider summing BC + OC to make PM2.5 and leave the other components as zero and also update the speciation profiles to account for this change. Note that this would require updates to the modeling platform files specifically the gspro.

Ultimately, it depends on the modeling application. If the remaining components of PM2.5 are needed (NO3, SO4, and the various metals and crustal components), then an estimate for these would be required. If the modeling application is for ozone, option (1) would be sufficient.