Fail to generate the ASENS file in CMAQ-DDM V5.4

I am using CMAQv5.4 to run DDM for a simulation but the program fails to generate the ASENS file the log files show the program is done successfully. I am using SAPRC07 and I have only one emission species in sensinput.dat for testing. The ASENS file is created but only has 11k which must be something wrong. Other than that, the simulation seems done successfully, ACONC, CONC and SENGRID are in normal size and the variables in them are reasonable. Looking forward to help.


Thanks for making a new thread.

It is unusual that the program completes and creates a SENGRID files, but not the ASENS files. Does SENGRID have reasonable values?

Another thing to check would be that your GRIDDED_BEIS actually has NO species values in it. Or run a different sensitivity parameter - maybe one to total NO like this (but with proper formatting):




Yes, I think SENGRID has reasonable values (not infinity or zero). And I had tried different options in seninput.dat, including single species (e.g., NO, SO) and all emissions. All test run come up with the same issue.

I have no idea why you are experiencing this, honestly. The last thing to check would be to see if you are removing the old output files completely and to check that you are writing into a completely clean and empty directory.