Grdmat.log error in SMOKEv3.5

When I ran point source in domain 3, I got error at grdmat.
I don’t know why I got the error. The area source worked well.
Someone could help me how can I do? Thanks in advance.

 NOTE: Grid settings initialized using 03               in
      grid description file.
 NOTE: Output grid "03" set; described as
      No description available
 Value for IOAPI_ISPH:  '19'
 INITSPHERES:  input sphere Normal Sphere, R_Earth=6370997 M
 Value for IOAPI_GRIDNAME_1:  '03'

 *** ERROR ABORT in subroutine GRDMAT
 No source-cell intersections found.

Based on the error message, there is no inventory sources available in your domain “03”. I would suggest you to double check your domain “03” to make sure it is set correctly and then check whether you have the list of inventory sources located in that regions or not.