Happy 25th Anniversary to CMAQ!

The U.S. EPA and the CMAS Center invite you to join us in celebrating the 25th anniversary of CMAQ’s initial release, which occurred June 30, 1998. We proudly recognize the important contributions from so many of you in the CMAS community to the development, evaluation, and application of the modeling system. Contributions from the CMAS community over the past quarter century have strengthened the science and increased the robustness of the modeling system. We look forward to continuing our collaboration with you on impactful topics including chemical mechanism development, performing source attribution studies, characterizing health impacts from different pollutant sources, using cutting edge in situ and remote sensing measurements for model evaluation, deploying complex models and tools in the cloud, and addressing emerging issues in air quality, including climate interactions.

Read below to hear scientists from across the EPA reflect back on the last 25 years and look ahead to what air quality modeling might look like in the coming decades.

EPA’s Science Matters Newsletter Series on CMAQ’s 25th Anniversary


Happy Anniversary CMAQ! And thank you CMAQ user community!! :tada: :partying_face: