Heatmap Plotter

I am sharing a code that can be used to create “heatmap” plots to show data with two temporal scales (e.g., day of month vs month).
MakeHeatmapPlot.py (7.1 KB)

For plots with days of month, the code will handle the leap-year issue based on the length of the input data.

I am posting input data files as well as example outputs.

monthly_daily_PM25_Z2_A004_FB.csv (9.6 KB)

monthly_daily_PM25_Z2_A005_FB.csv (9.3 KB)

monthly_diurnal_DPT_Z2_CONUS_bias.csv (7.1 KB)

monthly_diurnal_DPT_Z2_CONUS_RMSE.csv (4.3 KB)

daily_diurnal_TEMP_Z2_SEMAP_bias.csv (10.7 KB)

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