How can I get PM25_TOT through CMAQv5.3-ISAM result

Hi, friends of the Forum.
I have used CMAQv5.3-ISAM to get the source apportionment results of various components, but when I try to calculate source apportionment results of PM2.5(PM25_TOT in the model i think), I found that I am missing “ASOMI” in “ATOTI”,"ASOMJ in “ATOTJ”, and every components of “ATOTK”. So does that mean I can’t do source appoinment to PM2.5 through CMAQv5.3-ISAM, or the results is acceptable even less of these components?
Looking forward to your reply :pleading_face:.


Hi Kelvin,

Sorry for the late reply. Unfortunately, total PM2.5 is currently unavailable for ISAM as of version 5.3.1. This is something we are currently testing for the next release of ISAM.