How to setup the Mcip3.6

Dear all
my work is doing about atmosphere and so for this reason i have to Install MCIP software version 3.6 But i have a problem about How to setup in Linux system.
First i can’t find file name " PARMS3.EXT " in file parms3_mod.f90, Do you have any solution to install this system?

thank you

PARMS3.EXT is part of the Models-3 I/O API (IOAPI). You need to set the INCLUDE flags in your Makefile so that they include the directory containing that file (and other .EXT files).

MCIP v3.6 was released in 2010. What is the specific reason why you want to use such an old version?


There should be no reason that you need to use MCIPv3.6. As mentioned by @cgnolte, that version was released in 2010. I strongly suggest that you use the latest code, MCIPv5.1.


If your work is “about atmosphere” (not related to SMOKE or CMAQ) but what you want is I/O API files with WRF data, you may want instead to use M3Tools program

Dear @cgnolte @tlspero

Thank you everyone for suggestion . i will return to use Mcip5.1 and if i have any problem about Mcip5.1 i will inform you to know again. thank you



Thank you so much for suggestion. :blush: :blush: :blush:


It is my understanding, though, that using the I/O API tool “wrftom3” is NOT a substitute for MCIP. If you plan to run CMAQ, you will either need to run MCIP or make some non-trivial modifications to wrftom3. Please confirm, @cjcoats.


Recall that I began my response with the quote above, and indicated “not related to SMOKE or CMAQ”…