How to tag inline lightning in CMAQ/SAM control file?

I have a question about how to tag inline biogenic, inline lightning in CMAQ/ISAM control file?

I got the error of "User specified ISAM tag - LTNG - not found " when I used the following description in my control file as I assume that LTNG are the default emission streams of inline lightning emission source.



I did not find any information about that from CMAQ/ISAM User Guide at CMAQ/ at main · USEPA/CMAQ · GitHub

Thank you very much for your help

You need to make sure you have lightning emissions enabled in the runscript.

Hi Sergey,

Yes, I can easily point the lightning emission if I use our self-developed lightning emission NO file. But I do not know how to setup the isam_control file if I am using inline lightning as described in my run script (see attached ). What is EMIS STREAM(S) for lightning emission in the control file?
part_of_run_script.txt (658 Bytes)


OK, now I understand what you are asking. Part of the confusion is that in upcoming release that I am working on, all of the emissions streams are treated the same way including inline and offline sources. For 5.2 version of the model you want this:

ELT (parameter name)
EMIS (1 leading space)
LTNG (2 leading spaces)
SPECIES (1 leading space)
NO (2 leading spaces)

Hi Sergey,

I am using CMAQ/ISAM v5.3.3 rather than CMAQ/HDDM v5.2 for this case. The question here is independent on another

I am working both CMAQv5.3.3 with ISAM and CMAQv5.2 with HDDM at the same time. I am sorry for confusing you.

This question is about how to build isam_control file for inline lightning emission when I run CMAQv5.3.3 with ISAM.


You defined it correctly as LTNG stream label. Did you enable inline lightning calculations in your runscript?



Yes I do, please see the following setting in my runscript:

setenv CTM_LTNG_NO Y #> turn on lightning NOx [ default: N ]

#> Lightning NOx configuration
if ( $CTM_LTNG_NO == ‘Y’ ) then
setenv LTNGNO “InLine” #> set LTNGNO to “Inline” to activate in-line calculation

#> In-line lightning NOx options
setenv USE_NLDN N #> use hourly NLDN strike file [ default: Y ]
if ( $USE_NLDN == Y ) then
setenv NLDN_STRIKES IN_LTpath/

I have LTNG_AllParm files for all domains.

Thanks .

Hi Sergey,

It works with LTNG stream label in isam_control file for inline lightning NOx .