How to run CMAQ-ISAM

Hi all,
I am trying to run the CMAQ-ISAM, however for some reason that I cannot figure out yet, the files relate to the ISAM mode are not generated (CCTM_SA_ACONC, CCTM_SA_CONC). I am attaching the run script, the isam control file and the log (which ended before the run finished since I am doing several tests till I get what I want to). The CMAQ generated the CCTM_ACONC, CCTM_CONC, CCTM_APMDIAG and CCTM_PMDIAG netcdf files perfectly.
geos_cctm.csh (34.2 KB) isam_control.txt (1.6 KB)
log.txt (152.4 KB)
I am also attaching the bldit_cctm.csh file and its log, to show how I compiled the CMAQ-ISAM (I followed the User Manual which says that I have to uncomment the ISAM_CCTM variable)
bldit_cctm.csh (28.6 KB)
build_log.txt (139.6 KB)
Thank you already for the help

Hello ykaore,
Please try to use the updated ISAM control file attached. You may check your emission control file otherwise. I hope this helps.
isam_control.txt (2.7 KB)

Your build script does looks correct.

As far as your control file, it will not work the way you have it. You have to define the tags one at a time and there can only be 1 name in the TAG NAME field. For example:


Fliu was on the right track, except this user created identical “EMIS STREAM(S)” calls for each tag, which would oversubscribe the emissions and crash. You can assign multiple emissions to one TAG NAME, and that will calculate the cumulative impact. You can’t assign the same mass in multiple places.

Note that we are in the processes of releasing a major update for ISAM that will drastically change OZONE predictions in the next few weeks. The update is finished, its just going through review. So, while it will be helpful to use the old code to resolve issues like you are having, I would wait for the new release before interpreting the results. The problem we are solving with the update is documented in the “Known Issues” in the repository. The update also includes some error checking for the control file, which should give you some more clues in situations like yours.

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Thank you Fliu and Sergey for your help.
I did what both suggested, and nothing changed. I still dont get the output files from the ISAM. I am using the default emission control file (the one that comes with the installation of the mechanism cb6r3_ae7_aqEmissCtrl_cb6r3_ae7_aq.txt (31.3 KB) )
Rearding the updating, I’ll keep an eye on it.

Dear @sergey,
I am sending this message just wondering about whether the release of the new CMAQ-ISAM is coming or not. Do you have any news about it?
Thank you very much.

Hi Yasmin,

I hope you worked out your earlier issue.

We are in the final testing stages of releasing the major update to ISAM. I was hoping it would be out by now, but we kept running into bugs. There were some drastic changes to the chemistry, which makes for much better results. I believe that at this point, we have worked out the bugs. We should be forwarding it to CMAS in a week or two, and they will run their own benchmark test before releasing.


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