I got errors while running CMAQ-DDM v5.2.1

I got this error while running CMAQ-DDM but there was no problem running other cases with the same MCIP, ICON, and BCON.

Hi Hyeongseok,

DDM function is only available in CMAQ-5.2_DDM-3D so far not in CMAQ v5.2.1, I think. Please see CMAQ-DDM for v5.3.3 - #2 by foley.kristen

In addition which version of MCIP do you use?

You need to use MCIP4.x instead of MCIP5.x to process WRF outputs when you generate meteorological data for CMAQ-DDM v5.2 (not v5.2.1) input.

Hope it is helpful.

I did not run the MCIP so how can I get the version of the output file?