Ioapi error in m3too;

Hi everyone, I am trying to install ioapi. when I typed make in m3tool folder I receive an error as below:
/home/nadia/Libraries/ioapi-3.2-20200828/Linux5_x86_64gfort/libnetcdff.a(nf_varaio.o): in function `nf_get_vara_int64_’:

nf_varaio.F90:(.text+0x5160): multiple definition of `nf_get_vara_int64_’; /home/nadia/Libraries/ioapi-3.2-20200828/Linux5_x86_64gfort/libioapi.a(modncfio.o):modncfio.F90:(.text+0xc1060): first defined here

collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status

make: *** [Makefile:243: airs2m3] Error 1

can you help me to understand the problem?
my compiler is gfortran.

See the I/O API build-instructions, item 8

For I/O API-3.2 and netCDF-4: Some configurations of netCDF-4 have INTEGER*8 (64-bit integer) support, and some do not; the I/O API tries to make it possible to use this support if it is available, but needs to include “hacks” to cover for its absence when it isn’t. You can find out if it is included in netCDF using the command

    nm libnetcdff.a | grep nf_get_var_int64_

If present, you need to add the definition -DIOAPI_NCF4=1 to the make-variable ARCHFLAGS in your MAKEINCLUDE.${BIN}. Otherewise, you will get “multiply defined symbol” errors when you attempt to compile programs.

thank you. the problem solved