Is CMAQ-ISAM possible to tag for Particle Number variable (NUMATN, NUMACC, or NUMCOR)?

I am curious if CMAQ-ISAM can tag for particle numbers.

In the isam_control.txt file,
I can choose only 9 options.
e.g. !!! Choose any/all from the list of nine: SULFATE, NITRATE, AMMONIUM, EC, OC, VOC, PM25_IONS, OZONE, CHLORINE

Should I change SA_DEFN.F to tag a new variable?

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Unfortunately, number and surface area are currently not included, and it is not clear how the ISAM source-tagging approach could be extended to handle these metrics since they are not conserved like mass is.

For example, if a small particle and large particle from to sources collide, what is the source allocation of the resulting particle? Surface area would in theory be more tractable since it is a continuous quantity, but it would be difficult to determine how one thinks about particle morphology and source distribution. It would not be a very meaningful prediction at this point.

My recommendation (if you have a limited number of sources you are considering) would be to zero out each source of concern and quantify the impact on particle number.

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Hello Ben,

Thank you for your comment and recommendation.
From my understanding, it is the BFM method, right?
i.e. running CMAQ with and without each source.

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That’s absolutely right. I think brute force is the best way to go for this question at the moment.