M3fake run error

Hi everyone,

I am trying to use m3fake tool to convert csv file to IOAPI format. I chose “Input from user-specified file”. I wonder what format should i follow to write the csv file. I read the instructions on the m3fake tool website but am still confused. Can you give an example of what the file should look like?


See the m3fake manual: https://cjcoats.github.io/ioapi/M3FAKE.html:

data from a user-specified ASCII file. This file should be a list-directed (e.g., comma-delimited; UNIX or Linux, not DOS) ASCII file containing all of the desired input data
to be copied into the output file, ordered and formatted as follows:

  • The fastest subscript should be grid-column

  • There should be a line-break after each column of data
  • The next-fastest subscript should be grid-row
  • The third-fastest subscript should be grid-layer, if the number of layers is more than 1
  • The slowest subscript should be time-step, if the file is time-stepped.