Make[1]: Leaving directory .../ioapi-3.2/m3tools

Hi everyone,

I am compiling IOAPI, following the instructions on Home · CEMPD/SMOKE Wiki · GitHub, and have successfully installed the required packages. At the final stage of ioapi compilation, when running ./compile.ioapi.csh, I receive the following message, as shown on the last line of the attached log file as well:
make[1]: Leaving directory `/scratch/username/pkg/ioapi-3.2/m3tools’
compile.Linux2_x86_64ifort.txt (245.4 KB)
I was wondering if the compilation was successful or not.

Thank you.

Maybe follow the I/O API’s build-directions, at or, and then you’d actually know whether you had succeeded or not.

Note that this set of SMOKE instructions does an “always delete everything and then compile everything”, defeating one of the major reasons for having make in the first place;-(

…not to the mention that it ignores the primary GitHub source for the I/O API. Is inconsistent with the SMOKE build itself. Is C compiler oriented (which is almost irrelevant) instead of being Fortran-compiler oriented (that’s where the tricky stuff is). Doesn’t give a clue about debug-builds. And doesn’t give you a clue how to deal with gfortran versions before 10 vs after 10. And doesn’t help at all with other perfectly-good compiler-sets nor building under Windows.


Judging by your log file, I cannot find any screaming errors, like “cannot find X library” or “error”, but I am by no means an expert. You should see executable files in ./ioapi-3.2/Linux2_x86_64ifort, such as jul2greg, juldate, m3tshift, and m3wndw. If you see the compiled executables, go ahead and try to compile SMOKE.

Hope this helps,