MCIP deal with other meteorological data

Hi everyone,

How can you modify mcip program to deal with meteorological input data other than WRF ? Is it possible?



You can modify MCIP to read other meteorological models besides WRF, as long as you provide the correct suite of input variables for the CMAQ chemical transport model. Prior to MCIPv4.0, MCIP had been set up to read data from either MM5 or WRF, and some of the placeholders to expand for other meteorological models are still in MCIP.

If you want to read from another meteorological model, you can set up an internal indicator integer for “met_model” to refer to your other model. (For reference, 1=MM5 and 2=WRF. Just pick another integer for your model.) If you search for “met_model” in the MCIP code, you may find some leftover elements of places that were tailored for WRF vs. MM5.

In setup.f90, branch to call a new routine to read grid information from your model, and call it “setup_yourmodel.f90”. In getmet.f90, do something similar to read data from your model by calling “rdyourmodel.f90”. You can process variables throughout the code in setgriddefs.f90, metgrid2ctm.f90, metvars2ctm.f90, and other codes called from statflds.f90 and dynflds.f90. Modify the Makefile to compile your new routines, too.

It’s not an easy process to connect with another model, but it can be done, if you want.

Hope this helps…


Thanks so much Tanya, i will start working on it following your advice.