MCIP output projection change

Is there any way to change the domain of MCIP outputs, so we can have a different projection from the one in the input WRF files? In our case, the WRF grid files are on Lambert projection and we need the outputs to be on a regular LL grid.
If it is impossible to do this process with MCIP, is there any other software that can do the job?


I/O API m3tools program m3cple can do grid-to-grid interpolation. Note that for wind-components you need more than simple interpolation; you need also to rotate (UWIND.VWIND) by the (gridded) angle between the Lambert coordinates and the Lat-Lon coordinates…

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Sham –

MCIP is not set up to change the projection of the meteorological data, so you will need to use a different program, if you want to do that. It is tricky to do this correctly. @cjcoats mentions an option in his reply, and he dutifully points out that the component winds are where you will have the biggest issue. Generally speaking, the u-component and v-component winds could be either grid-relative (that is, left-to-right and bottom-to-top, looking at the page) or earth relative (that is, along latitude and longitude lines). You want to ensure the u-component and v-component winds are both earth-relative before using any conversion program.