MCIP make errpr

I was compiled ICON BCON and CCTM successfully with gfortran,but not MCIP ,any help will be appreciated

this is the Makefile

Did you enable the “f90” netCDF interfaces? If so, somewhere under the netCDF installation there should be a file “netcdf.mod”. Supposing its directory is “/foo/bar” (to pick an off-the-wall example for its directory-name), then you need to have a directive “-I/foo/bar” in your compile-flags for MCIP.

thanks for attention 。it can be found at (NETCDF)/include,anyway ,I uncommont it but run into anther problem:face_with_thermometer:

it means " undefined reference to ‘main’


It looks like you modified the MCIP Makefile to only compile the modules and not the rest of the source code. From your example, above, you are only compiling the Fortran 90 modules. Please compare your Makefile with the original version in the release to see if you inadvertently made this sort of change.


very thanks ,and I just found the NETCDF directory was wrong,and there is no need to uncomment anyline.
now is work.
To tell anyone who may have problem in MCIP ,the directory should be accurate

thanks for attention ,I just make it through