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I’m getting the following error when running mcip (v5.1) with WRF files that include different simulation start dates.

While I understand that this is related to mcip using precipitation accumulation variables from two consecutive hours to calculate hourly precipitation rates, I’m wondering if there’s an alternative for calculating hourly precipitation that allows the use of WRF files with different simulation start dates.
The time episode that we’re modeling is quite long and necessitates a WRF re-start.

Our WRF outputs include PREC_ACC variable which stores hourly precipitation rates.
Will mcip always use precipitation accumulation variables or can we have it revert to using PREC_ACC? Also, will using PREC_ACC impact TMPBEIS3?

Thank you.

I’m a little confused about how the new files here were generated. Is the second file from a separate simulation or was it a WRF restart (utilizing a wrfrst_d01* file)? When looking at WRF output from a restart simulation, the SIMULATION_START_DATE should match with files from before the restart, while START_DATE will correspond to the date of the restart.

Hi Megan,
Thanks for your reply.

The new files correspond to a new WRF simulation; not a restart. We reinitialized WRF every 5.5 days where the first 12 hours correspond to spin-up time and are discarded.

We just found this post where a similar issue was reported:

It seems that what we need to do is run mcip in 5.5-day increments that include the 12-hr WRF spin up files that we were originally discarding.
We will give this a try.


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