Mcipv5.0 bug detected

one of my colleague detected a bug in the mcipv5.0 when both of us were trying mcip on our separate wrfout files. After correcting for the bug, both of us were able to run mcip witout error.

IF ( ifcld3d ) THEN
!c_wwind%bdy(idx,lvl) = xcfrac3d(c,r,lvl) :bug:
c_cfrac_3d%bdy(idx,lvl) = xcfrac3d(c,r,lvl)

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Thank you, just to confirm, this was found on line 759 of the ctmproc.f90 routine?

Hi Liz Adams,
Before I analyze the impact of this bug on mcip/CMAQ outputs myself, I am wondering if this is a high-impact bug, how this bug influence CMAQ modeling results. We need to re-run mcipv5.0 and then CMAQ otherwise.


Yes, it is in line 759!

All –

Yes, another user reported this bug to me a couple of weeks ago. I don’t believe it is a “high-impact” bug because I don’t think there are too many runs of WRF that will create the 3D cloud field…but it might be highly impactful for users who have this issue depending on the sizes of the domains and how much lateral boundary conditions for that field affect the runs.

The correction proposed by @CMAQ_user is accurate. My advice is to rerun MCIP because that will cost you less in the long run.


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