Missing ISAM output files (CCTM_SA_* files)

Hi all, I was using CMAQ-ISAM in v5.3.1. However, when my model ran the second day, it report error as follows:

     Starting date and time  2010265:000000 (0:00:00   Sept. 22, 2010)
     Timestep                          010000 (1:00:00 hh:mm:ss)
     Maximum current record number         1
     ISAM_PREVDAY                            :/data/n194a/yusheng/CMAQ5.3.1/data/output_CCTM_s07tic_isam_intel_LOSCA12KM_2010_09_NEI2/CCTM_SA_CGRID_s07tic_isam_intel_LOSCA12KM_2010_09_NEI2_20100921.nc

     >>--->> WARNING in subroutine OPEN3
     File not available.

     *** ERROR ABORT in subroutine gridded_files_se on PE 000
     Open failure for ISAM_PREVDAY
 PM3EXIT:  date&time specified as 0
     Date&time specified as 0

Does anyone know how this error happens? Thanks!

It seems your first day (09/21/2010) model run did not generate the CCTM_SA_CGRID file. You may check:

  1. if output directory to the first day includes the file CCTM_SA_CGRID_s07tic_isam_intel_LOSCA12KM_2010_09_NEI2_20100921.nc.
    2.1 if yes, check if you provide the correct output path as shown in your run-script /data/n194a/yusheng/CMAQ5.3.1/data/output_CCTM_s07tic_isam_intel_LOSCA12KM_2010_09_NEI2/
    2.2 if no, check if you set: setenv CTM_ISAM Y in you script file.

Thanks for the reply. The output directory does not include CCTM_SA_CGRID_s07tic_isam_intel_LOSCA12KM_2010_09_NEI2_20100921.nc. I checked my run script and I have already set CTM_ISAM to Y in my script file.

@sergey Hi Sergey, can I ask if ISAM module in CMAQv5.3.1 support saprc07tic_ae7i_aq mechanism? Thanks!

I just recompiled my ISAM module and now it’s generating SA files.