Missing sample prepmegan4cmaq.ef.inp in MEGANV3.2 preprocessor

I want to run MEGANV3.2 preprocessor to make “.csv” files for running MEGAN txt2ioapi. The sample prepmegan4cmaq.lai/growthform/ecotype/cantype.inp are under MEGAN32_Prep_Code_Jan_2022. However, prepmegan4cmaq.ef.inp couldn’t be found. Can someone provide this file?
Runyu Wang

Hi Runyu,

Are you trying to create the emission factor (EF) csv file? That’s done with a different tool that’s python based. Look for the Emission Factor Processor section on this page: UCI BAI - MEGAN32

You can contact me at willison.jeff@epa.gov for further assistance with MEGAN 3.2.

Thanks Willison, I have successfully run MEGAN V32 EFP and produced OutputGridEF.csv. Is it correct to change only the scen_name in the MEGAN_EFP.py script and leave the rest settings as default?

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Great! I don’t think it requires any additional configuration. It just needs to point to the grid_ecotype and grid_growth_form csv files for your domain (scen_name).

Hi jeff,

I have run MEGANV32 txt2ioapi module to output the EFMAP, LAI and LDF.ncf files but no CT3.nc file under specific output directory were acquired. I found the final CANTYPFILE were under MEGANV32/work/ . Here’s my run.txt2ioapi.v32.csh and log file. Thanks for your kind attention to fix this error.
log.run.txt2ioapi.d03.txt (16.6 KB)
run.txt2ioapi.v32.wry.csh (2.8 KB)

Best regards,

Runyu Wang

It’s an issue with the run script they distribute. Try setting: