Multi-day simulation for MCIP and CCTM

Good afternoon CMAQ users:

I am trying to run my simulation for more than 1 days. I generated the output from WRF that is over 1 days. Then I choose an over one day range for MCIP_START and MCIP_END in run_mcip.csh. As a result, it shows the mcip outputs, with names start with the initial date, but include the data that more than 1 day.
However, when I tried to use MCIP outputs to run CCTM, it seems that CCTM requires MCIP daily files for each date, rather than a MCIP outputs that includes multiple days. Do I have to prepare the mcip outputs day by day, if I need to run a multi-day simulation for CCTM? If so, should I prepare the WRF daily outputs for these days, then MCIP output in the same manner, or there are something I can do to run the MCIP once but generate multiple outputs?


The typical procedure used at EPA is to configure MCIP and CMAQ to run for one day at a time, and to use scripts to invoke the models N times if you want to run for N days.
It is possible to run the model for a longer period in a single execution. However, all input (and output) files need to contain all time steps for that period. As a result, files start getting too large to manage easily if you are running for a month or longer.

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