NEI emission data with SAPRC07T


I’m trying to generate the CMAQ or CAMx ready emission data with SAPRC07T using the NEI 2017gb platform data.
But, I’m facing many errors in SMOKE running.

NEI provides the model-ready emission data with only CB6.

If I want the emission data with SAPRC07,
Do I have to create it myself?
By any chance, is there a place where I can download emission data?

Many thanks in advance!


You would have to be a little more specific on what you are trying to achieve (i.e. more info about your simulation plans like domain and year) to be able and get some guidance on existing datasets and errors you’re facing.

It seems that you want to generate emissions from scratch with SAPRC07 for a new domain, so yes in that case you would have to setup SMOKE with that mechanism.

Have you reviewed this package that helps you process a nonpoint onroad inventory for SAPRC: