Integrated VOC source profile for Smoke

Hi all,
Recently I am trying to use Smoke to generate emission inputs for the CMAQ model. But I encounter the following questions.

  1. Where could we find the surrogate for 4km emission input for CMAQ if I want to use the NEI2016 emission inventory?
  2. Where could we find the integrated VOC source profile for the development of the 2016 and 2017 NEI emission inventory ?I want to use the integrated VOC source profile to do the allocation of VOC.
    I only found the following website but have no clue about these questions.

Please help me, thanks!

EPA’s emissions modeling home page is here:
The 2017 emissions modeling platform is not yet available. The 2016v1 platform has the data you are requesting:
The data are on the FTP site. The spatial surrogates are here - 4km start with surrogates_CONUS4:

The speciation files are here:

In the GSPRO, GSREF, and GSCNV that are posted on FTP, there are “VOC” and “TOG” profiles, and there are “NONHAPVOC” and “NONHAPTOG” profiles. The NONHAP* profiles are the integrated profiles. Note that NONHAPVOC isn’t in a separate file in this package.