Np_oilgas sector surrogates


I am creating the non-point oil gas emissions based on the 2017 platform. I got an error message showing 672, 697 6831, 6832 and 6833 surrogates are missing. The resolution I am running is different from EPA’s and I already generated my own surrogates using the pg_tool and scripts from: NEI 2017/2016v2 Platforms - Google Drive

But it looks like the missing surrogates are not in the speciation file. I saw a post about 6831-6833 surrogates: Spatial Surrogate codes 6831, 6832, and 6833 - Spatial Allocator - CMAS CENTER FORUM. Is there information about 672 and 697 surrogates that I can refer to?


Never mind! I found them in the 2016 platform instead.