Creating 2016_v2 np_oilgas spatial surrogates

I am using the 2016_v2 SMOKE-MOVES platform and am wanting to create spatial surrogates to match my model grid.

I was able to create surrogates using the information provided by the surrogate_specification.csv (from Index of /Air/emismod/2016/v2/spatial_surrogates), however I do not see details for how to create the additional spatial surrogates for np_oilgas (e.g., 2688, 2689, 2690, 2691, 2692, 2693, 2694, 2695, 2696, 2697, 2698, 2699).

The 2016_v2 TSD mentions some of the data used to create np_oilgas surrogates is proprietary. Are these surrogates instances of just that? If that is the case and I am not able to create surrogates at my model grid’s resolution, is there a procedure to downscale the 12 km spatial surrogates provided already?

Thank you in advance,

These specific surrogates are ones that were provided by the Western Regional Air Partnership.

We do not have access to the Shapefiles on which these are based.

We do have EPA-provided Shapefiles available on this Drive folder – the oil and gas ones are in their own zip file:

You may generate surrogates for your grid from these Shapefiles.

To tell SMOKE to use these surrogates instead of the others, remove all references to the 26XX surrogates from the AGREF and the SRGDESC.

The EPA surrogates will then take effect in the hierarchy.

That’s exactly the answer I was looking for. Thank you.