O3 formed from NOx in CMAQ-ISAMv5.4

Dear staff,
I am wondering whether I can identify O3 formed from NOx in CMAQ-ISAMv5.4 In other words, I would like to know the contribution of NOX from another location to the ozone of the receptor. For example, I would like to know how much NOX from New York forms ozone during transmission, and how much of this NOX ultimately contributes to the ozone in Washington. May I ask if it is possible to label and track NOX in New York in ISAM? I saw other posts suggesting tracking NOX in two different situations, such as GRIDDED_ EMIS1_ NOX, GRIDDED_ EMIS1_ NOTNOX, I have a question. What is the difference between this operation and BFM? Does this operation also have non-linear effects on ozone? Looking forward to your reply

CMAQ-ISAM allows from tracking from defined geographical areas. Refer to included Users Guide chapter on ISAM and general literature on source apportionment.