Plume in-line : ERROR ABORT in subroutine RDSRGHDR


I am using the plume in-line emission setting to process Canadian industrial emissions with the plume rise threshold of 38m. The plume in-line outputs for the 9 and 3km domains were reasonable. For the 1km domain, the in-line method did not work and gave the following error. FYI I was able to run the rest of the Canadian inventories for the same 1km domain without any error.


I then turned off the ELEVPOINT and changed the SMK_METHOD to 0 to re-run the point source inventory. With this setting, a reasonable output was generated.

I am confused with why the plume in-line setting doesn’t work for the 1km domain. Can you please help me understand what exactly the smoke plume in-line emissions are and also how to decide on a reasonable plume rise height for the threshold value?

I have attached the log file related to the error shown above, my griddsec file and as well as the inventory files I am having issues running the plume in-line.

Thank you.
GRIDDESC_test.txt (1.5 KB)
smkmerge.point_16.16can.20161001.MO1km.txt (18.3 KB)
canada_2015_point_noVOC_svn70_02apr2019_v0.csv (7.6 MB)
canada_2015_point_VOC_INV_svn70_02apr2019_v0.csv (974.9 KB)

Not sure either. SMOKE does not care whether it is 1km or not but care more about the size of data files to process.

Can you check the header information from Grdmat output file (PGMAT) and see whether all the grid parameters are consistent to the MO1km info from GRIDDESC input file? Can you post the grid information from the PGMAT file header?