Produce CMAQ input: inln_mole*.ncf


I am processing a point sector inventory using SMOKE/NEI modeling platform. I have genereated stack_groups, howeve, I still did not have inln_mole*.ncf this file.

What program used to produce inln_mole? Thank you lots!


Here is some information:

Assuming that all ptaglivestock emissions are supposed to be Layer 1 emissions with no plume rise, what we want is for Smkmerge to create only a 2-D file (emis_mole) that includes
all emissions for the sector, and we do not want a stack_groups or inln_mole file on top of that. Also, the Elevpoint and Laypoint programs do not need to run. It looks like Smkmerge is already doing what we want, the only problem is that Elevpoint is running
unnecessarily and crashing because there is nothing for it to do (no plume rise).

In our public script platforms, the following settings will skip Elevpoint and Laypoint: (Some of these parameters are already set up it appears)





One other note: In sectors with daily inventories, we typically create a “previous December” file that includes all daily records from December, and has the year prior in the
header (#YEAR=2013 in this case). This is to fill in emissions for the first few hours of January 1, which are part of December 31 of the previous year according to local time. After doing this, to verify that it worked, look in the jan_daily Smkinven log
for the first “Timestep written to PDAY”; this is currently 2014001:050000, but after adding the previous December file, should be in 2013.

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Thank you lots,Alison!