No output for point sectors

Hi everyone,

I’m working on the SMOKE_2014v7.1 platform to prepare emissions for CMAQ for Summer 2014. I made all sectors except the point sector. The running process finishes without any errors. However, the problem is that when I check the premerged outputs for the sectors belonging to the point sources, there is an empty folder with the name of that sector. Any thoughts about why would that happen?
I’ve attached the log_analyzer output for the OTHPT sector as an example.


Can you tell if any of the intermediate files were generated along the way from Smkinven or the other programs? Can you please provide your standard output from Smkinven and the Smkinven log file?

I appreciate your prompt response.
I’ve attached the lists of intermediate files that were generated, all log files, and smoke_out outputs for OTHPT sector as a sample.

smkinven_othpt_jun_2014fd_cb6_14j.txt (76.8 KB)

Have you checked the smoke_out folder? There should be a folder named “smoke_out” next to the “premerged” folder. Under that folder, you should be able to find any inline ready emissions files from inline sectors like ptegu, ptnonipm, and other point sectors that need vertical allocation by CMAQ model.
Let me know if you don’t see them. Also, you can check the Smkmerge log files from those sectors to find out where the final output files written to.

Yes I have. I have inline ready emission files as I’ve attached it. The problem is that there is no final output files in premerged directory. A folder with the name of the sector has been created, but there is nothing inside it.
I’ve also checked smkmerge log file, it seems that the final output has been saved in the intermediate folder, started with “inln_mole_othpt_…”. Is it the final output?

Yes that is the final output files for CMAQ and other air quality model. Please check out the details on inline modeling.