Program received signal SIGABRT: Process abort signal


@hogrefe.christian and I looked at the outputs you provided and nothing immediately stands out. Given the complexity of the errors you are seeing I suggest a few things:

  1. Could you describe exactly what you are trying to simulate, or science question you are trying to answer? Depending on this, there are certain options that may or may not make sense. Please be as descriptive as possible (include model version, etc), so we can understand the full picture.

  2. Testing the same scripts/code with a different compiler can often be helpful, so if you access to this option I’d recommend doing that.

  3. Uploading your runscript, meteorology inputs from MCIP, initial condition and boundary condition to the CMAS DATA WAREHOUSE google drive incoming folder so we can test your scenario internally. See README-CMAS_User_Forum - Google Docs for additional information. A single day of input is sufficient for debugging.