Question about precedence in temporal cross-referencing


I am using SMOKE v2.5. In section 6.17.1 of its manual, there is a paragraph explaining the “many-step hierarchy is used in applying the temporal cross-referencing”:
“… When there are missing entries in the cross-reference file, Temporal first looks for cross-reference entries for other species at the same level in the search hierarchy before descending to the next level in the hierarchy. For example, if a source has a temporal cross-reference entry for CO but not for NOx, Temporal uses the source-specific CO temporal cross reference entry for allocating NOx from that source in preference to using a default NOx temporal profile.”

I have a question about the example. If the source has entries for CO and SO2 but not for NOx, whose (CO or SO2) entry will be used for NOx?

Peng Zimu

Is there a reason you are using such an old version of SMOKE as 2.5? Major upgrades have happened since that version.

We are not sure of the answer to this question, but recommend that if you add an entry for NOx the behavior should become clearer.

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I could be wrong since it has been so long but it should be based on the order of entries in TREF file, For example, if there are CO and SO2 source-specific temporal profiles in order, SO2 profile will be used as a default to the rest of pollutants for that source. You can test it out to confirm.
If you are still not sure, I would recommend you to follow the @eyth.alison suggestion to add the entry for all pollutants to avoid any confusion.

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