Question about "ptfire" inline emission file structure


I processed a fire case inside SMOKE and created inline files and ran CMAQ with them, but CMAQ results do not represent days of the fire accurately.

I was wondering how data is organized inside inline emission files? For example, what does ROW and COL represent? Those values are different from ROW/COL numbers in my emis_mole files.

I would appreciate if someone points me to a documentation about that.

Also, is there a way to visualize inline emission files to confirm that emissions are processed correctly?

I am using NEI2011-ek.


I found the following documentation that describes that SMOKE treats the wildfire as a point source:
β€œIn addition, wildfire sources require the latitude and longitude source attributes to locate the fire. Note that all emissions for a fire will be assumed to come from the single grid cell that contains the latitude and longitude of the fire.”

You may be able to process the inline emissions file using the SMOKE Utility program:
Inlineto2D merge CMAQ Inline 2D emissions with stack group emissions to create a gridded emissions file that you could then check with VERDI.

You can also try a search using the PDF version of the SMOKE documentation, I was using the keyword fire:

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Hi Ehsan,

That is a good question. Since inline emissions file is not gridded, ROW is used to represent number of sources and COL has been set it to 1.


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