Ptfire inline emissions are jumbled (CMAQ crashes)


I prepared emissions for ptfire sector in inline format to run CMAQ with them. CMAQ crashes when I add these files and I have NaN at hr 7:00 and 8:00. Numbers inside inline file look like they are jumbled. I plotted time series of some variables vs. hour of day and they are disconnected at 7:00 and 8:00 (please check the plot). I only have one fire in this file. I plotted for each ROW variable which I think is the number of fire sources in a file. I think the reason for having 2 time series is because of time difference between local fie and UTC.

question: Why they are disconnected at 7:00? Might that cause CMAQ show NaN at 7:00?

We are at PST time zone UTC -7. I prepared emissions from our PTDAY and PTINV files for a case study which are at local time. I used Smokev3.7 that comes with NEI2011v6.3-ek platform.

I appreciate any comment and help.


I think you should check your inline hourly emissions file on that date to make sure there is no NaN value in it. If there is NaN in your SMOKE output file, please reprocess it and make sure there is no NaN. CMAQ can not process NaN.
It has been a few years since I have seen SMOKE generates NaN to the output files after we found out it was caused by a few fortran compiler bugs. Have you compiled your own version of SMOKE or using the precompiled version? If you compiled your own SMOKE using your compiler, and getting this NaN, you may switch to a different version of compiler.
Let me know how it goes.

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Hi BH,

Thanks for your comment. I checked my inline ptfire files and there is not any NaN inside any files. There are very small values in the order of 1.00e-32 though. I set this value for days with no fire to run a month for a case study. As you can see in the previous screenshot, we have these small values for all 24 hours in a daily inline emission file.

I am not sure about it but I think it might be related to structure of inline emission file because the values disconnect at hr 7:00 and CMAQ shows NaN for hr 7:00 - 8:00 every day. Should the inline ptfire values disconnect at a specific hr? (In my case the UTC time difference is 7 hours).


I am not sure what you mean by disconnected. Isn’t it that the fire labeled src2 in your plot is the day before, while src1 is the current day? The fire’s temporal profile goes from 0800 (first non-zero hour) to 0700 (last non-zero hour)?

I agree with Chris on your disconnection deal. There is no disconnection there since you are plotting two different fires. they are not related to each other since they are daily fire emissions. I think you need to focus on why there are NaN and where they are coming from.