Re-grid (Aggregate & Re-project) Custom Emission Files


I was wondering how I can aggregate and re-project my ioapi netcdf emission files? I would appreciate any possible solutions.

I tried using INSERTGRID from IOAPI m3tools to make it happen, and I am facing the following error: forrtl: severe (154): array index out of bounds
I am not sure what exactly is happening.
Also I would appreciate sharing any experience with this tool.


First, note that emissions files are generally have an (implicit) per grid cell component of their actual physical units. This means that re-gridding algorithms must also apply the ratio (“gridding ratio”) of the output grid cell area to the input grid cell area.

If this ratio *(output grid-cell area)/(input grid-cell area)* is much less than 1.0, then interpolation is appropriate: you want to use M3Tools programm3cple for that. The latest version of this program has a scale-factor option that you can use to re-scale by the correct gridding ratio; for earlier versions, you will need to re-scale afterwards using (a trivial application of) M3Tools programm3combo

Otherwise (if the output grid is as coarse as, or coarser than) the input grid, you need to do a more sophisticated area-sampling procedure. M3Tools program mtxcple does that, using transform matrices calculated by mtxcalc using a sub-sampling algorithm.

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Thank you for your provided information.