Regrid mcip outputs


I have been trying to regrid my mcip and emission files recently to produce files for my d02. My d01 is at 12km and d02 is at 3km. I was able to use a mixture of M3WNDW and M3CPLE to achieve what I needed to some extent.

For mcip files this mixture works for metcro2d, metcro3d, and metdot3d (GRDDED3==1), but it does not work on grdbdy2d, grdcro2d, grddot2d, lufraccro, and metbdy3d (GRDDED3==2).

The error is as follows:
*** ERROR ABORT in subroutine M3WNDW
Input file “INFILE” has type 2 (type GRDDED3==1 required)

Do you have any suggestion how I can window + disaggregate (m3wndw + m3cple) these files?


Wind fields are not re-griddable. The (non-linear!) governing equations for them generate conservative transport; when you do linear (or, even, more-sophisticated) interpolation, you end up with fields that are not conservative.

You don’t need both m3wndw and m3cple to interpolate from a 12KM grid to a 3KM grid: go read the user-manual for m3cple:

grdcro2d, grddot2d, lufraccro are GRIDDED files, and so are acceptable inputs to m3cple.

For boundary-files, start with the corresponding full-coarse-grid files, m3cple to an extended-grid fine-grid file, and then use bcwndw – see


Great, thanks for the explanation and suggestion!

Could you please explain more on the EXTENDED-grid fine-grid file. As I have tried it on a none-extended-grid, I am losing one row and one column. In which direction should I be choosing my extension? In other words, where am I losing those 1 col and 1 row?


If the specified 12KM grid is dimensioned (NCOLS,NROWS), then the extended 12KM grid would be dimensioned (0:NCOLS+1,0:NROWS+1) so that it contains data both for the specified 12KM grid and its boundary. Note that the origin for the extended grid is XCELL west and YCELL south of the origin for the specified 12KM grid.

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