Regrid mcip outputs


I have been trying to regrid my mcip and emission files recently to produce files for my d02. My d01 is at 12km and d02 is at 3km. I was able to use a mixture of M3WNDW and M3CPLE to achieve what I needed to some extent.

For mcip files this mixture works for metcro2d, metcro3d, and metdot3d (GRDDED3==1), but it does not work on grdbdy2d, grdcro2d, grddot2d, lufraccro, and metbdy3d (GRDDED3==2).

The error is as follows:
*** ERROR ABORT in subroutine M3WNDW
Input file “INFILE” has type 2 (type GRDDED3==1 required)

Do you have any suggestion how I can window + disaggregate (m3wndw + m3cple) these files?


Wind fields are not re-griddable. The (non-linear!) governing equations for them generate conservative transport; when you do linear (or, even, more-sophisticated) interpolation, you end up with fields that are not conservative.

You don’t need both m3wndw and m3cple to interpolate from a 12KM grid to a 3KM grid: go read the user-manual for m3cple:

grdcro2d, grddot2d, lufraccro are GRIDDED files, and so are acceptable inputs to m3cple.

For boundary-files, start with the corresponding full-coarse-grid files, m3cple to an extended-grid fine-grid file, and then use bcwndw – see


Great, thanks for the explanation and suggestion!