Reason for setting LAYP_STDATE environment variable in the CMAQ runscript

I was wondering what happens to the CMAQ inline emissions when LAYP_STDATE environment variable value is not set in the CMAQ runscript, but values of LAYP_STTIME and LAYP_NSTEPS variables are set.

I am seeing that the LAYP_STDATE, LAYP_STTIME and LAYP_NSTEPS environment variables are all commented out in the ‘CMAQ_Project/CCTM/scripts/BLD_CCTM_v532_intel/RUNTIME_VARS.F’ file of CMAQv5.3.2:

Hi Skunwar,

Those runtime variables have been deprecated (no longer part of our runscripts & commented out) since v5.3.

LAYP_NSTEPS has no functionality, if you set it, it does nothing.
LAYP_STDATE and LAYP_STTIME can be set (in any combination) but will not do anything because those variables are overwritten later on in the run.

However, since then (v5.3+) there has been a lot of added functionality to control emissions related operations included diagnostic outputs.

If I may ask, what functionality are you seeking?

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Thanks @fsidi , I was just curious if not setting those LAYP_* environment variables in CMAQv5.3 runscript would affect the elevated inline emissions sources in CMAQ. But if they have been deprecated, I should be fine not setting them.

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