Reset of variables at 00

I’m trying to run one simulation (v5.4) encompassing several days. However, and while postprocessing AELMO, some variables (e.g. aerosol properties/mass) show that they reset with every new day (at 00). Is this behavior expected? If not, which could be the issue?

No, it is not expected.
Are you using the previous day’s CGRID file as the initial condition?

It seems that the problem was that the batch script was not setting NEW_START to false at the end of the day. That would explain why it was treating each day like a new one, but once fixed, it’s now running properly.
I have a quick follow-up question: Is there any documentation discussing how the default values were chosen? For example, for ECH4, it’s around 0.0226 but I’m not sure which conditions were chosen to select this value. Thanks.