Scripts for Google Traffic Map Capture/Process captures Google Traffic images as shown below:
Currently, the script takes screen shots every 10 min. (1.1 KB) crops the captured image for user-defined areas. The script creates two large intermediate files for QA purposes. (1.5 KB) counts pixels in the cropped images to classify areas depending on traffic jam conditions: dark red (“D”) for severe traffic, red (“R”) for heavy traffic, orange (“O”) for medium traffic, and green (“G”) for light traffic. The result is 2020_ATL_screenshots_cropped_DROG_Counts.csv that contains DROG pixel counts for each cropped figure. (1.8 KB)
2020_ATL_screenshots_cropped_DROG_Counts.csv (1.6 MB)

As of now the color detection is based on RGB codes. However, in the future, HSV (or HSB) with RGB-to-HSV (or vice versa) cross-walk can be utilized to do color detection like a human does.

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How do you use the count data in your organization? Have you mapped grid cell to road segment?

For now, we count all DRO pixels as a proxy for traffic conditions.

No, I have not.