Shapefiles for CAN and MEX surrogate

Hello everyone,
I am preparing surrogates for a new grid and will apply them to 2016v1 and 2017v1 platform. However, the generated surrogates for CAN and MEX seem not in completeness so that the gridded emissions only cover part of the domain. I find that the surrogates lack some FIPS. For example, in CAN_200, it does not have 110000, 135101, 135102, 135103,135104, etc. Insead, it has 135000. I feel that this problem is caused by the shapefile.
I am now using the files from Anyone knows where can I find the suitable one?

The Canadian inventories require some surrogates where a couple of provinces (usually QC, ON, and BC) have sub-province-level surrogates, and other surrogates where it is just province-level. This is necessary because some of ECCC’s inventories have sub-province-level data and some do not. We always have to make sure that inventories with sub-province-level data are using surrogates with sub-province-level data, and vice versa. Different surrogates use different data shapefiles/attributes to support this. We have posted inputs to the surrogate tool that have the surrogate specification for Canada here:

If this still doesn’t work, you need to download the full set of Shapefiles from CMAS data warehouse.

Note that 2016 and 2017 platforms use a different grid boundary for surrogates with 2017 being larger, so the files you provide SMOKE for a given sector need to have the same dimensions.

Thank you, Alison!
I will try that.