Surrogate Codes/files for CAN

I am trying to run SMOKE with a grid covering most of North America. I have successfully run all of the surrogates for USA, CAN, and MEX (example codes below).
CAN,900,“Total population”,./CAN_900_NOFILL.txt
CAN,901,“Total dwelling”,./CAN_901_NOFILL.txt
CAN,902,“Agricultural and related service industries”,./CAN_902_NOFILL.txt
CAN,903,“Fishing and trapping industries”,./CAN_903_NOFILL.txt

However, for one of the sectors in SMOKE, I get an error saying it’s looking for the following surrogates (example below).
CA;9101;“total dwelling”;“CA_9101_NOFILL.txt”
CA;9103;“rural dwelling”;“CA_9103_NOFILL.txt”

It seems there is a different list of surrogate codes for CAN than what I have. I have looked and cannot find any reference to this new (old?) list of codes (about 95 for CAN, where I have about 60).

Can someone point me to where these codes, shapefiles, and specifications are?
Maybe I should update SMOKE to look for the surrogates I have, but where?

You don’t mention which platform you are using. The 2014-2016 platforms have the newer surrogates. Here is the web page:

Surrogates and Shapefiles are here, but the latest Canadian Shapefiles may not be posted – are you trying to run on your own grid?


I am actually trying to run platform 2011v6.2. Yes, I’m trying to run my own grid. I will look in the files:

Thank you.