SMAT v1.6 Input File Formatting

I am implementing SMAT1.6 for 24-hr and annual PM2.5 attainment demonstrations. Our 3 year PM2.5 speciation window is 2016-2018. SMAT1.6 only includes up to 2017 data by default, so I have been appending 2018 data to the existing input files. Unfortunately, SMAT cannot parse any of my input files and writes, for example, these messages to the log file:

Read unofficial PM data “PM25ForFractions2002to2018.csv”.

Fail to read unofficial PM data “PM25ForFractions2002to2018.csv”.

I have frequently consulted the MATS manual (ref. below) for details on the input file formats. Because these files are too large to attach here, I have attached an abridged copy of one of these files (scratch that, evidently I am not allowed to upload files). Does anyone know if SMAT supports verbose logging to help pinpoint the cause?

Thanks in advance!

MATS manual:

SOLVED: New data cannot simply be appended to the existing input files. Instead, all entries for a given station must appear on consecutive lines in the csv files.