AMET-AQ Observation Data for PM2.5 Species in 2021

Hi all.

I’m wondering the availability of the AQS data for PM2.5 species in 2021. I got some raw PM2.5 species data from Download Files | AirData | US EPA , but there are only 4 variables (ambient temperature, black carbon, sulfate & UV carbon), and I want more species.

Thank you!

Hi Yiyue,

There are AQS Observational Data available with the AMETv1.5 release at this google drive.

Hi Yiyue,

The current AMET observation dataset runs through 2020. Because of the time required for the observation data use by AMET to become available in their final form, 2021 was not included yet.

However, I have provided here a link to a preliminary version of the 2021 AMET obs data. These data are incomplete and will likely change from this iteration to the final version. However, you welcome to use them knowing that they are incomplete. I do ask that if you run into anything that you consider an error in the datasets, please let me know. Thanks!