Smkmerge issue in NEI ptfire sector

I tried to sun ptfire sector with our fire emission file, but encountered the following error in SMKMERGE program. SMOKEMERGE log file shows that it has computed the last hour of day, but it does not finish with successfull message. I am using NEI2011v6.3 platform and SMOKE3.7 and our fire emissions are for one month (Aug).

I have attached a snapshot of error in run time log file to this email.

Any suggestion or advice is appreciated.



forrtl: severe (66): output statement overflows record, unit -5, file Internal Formatted Write
Image PC Routine Line Source
smkmerge 0000000000532686 Unknown Unknown Unknown
smkmerge 000000000056191A Unknown Unknown Unknown
smkmerge 0000000000431F3E Unknown Unknown Unknown
smkmerge 0000000000430E21 Unknown Unknown Unknown
smkmerge 00000000004301BC Unknown Unknown Unknown
smkmerge 0000000000406791 Unknown Unknown Unknown
smkmerge 000000000040369E Unknown Unknown Unknown 00002B29A0C0EC05 Unknown Unknown Unknown
smkmerge 00000000004035A9 Unknown Unknown Unknown
0.406u 0.292s 0:02.79 24.7% 0+0k 497680+320io 8pf+0w

Based on your error message, it is coming while concatenating the wraning or error message during the run. I think I have see this issue during ptfire sector before. Can you update Smkmerge with the latest version SMOKE v4.6 and let me know how it goes.

FYI) You do not need to replace other SMOKE Programs like smkinven, spcmat, temporal, but Smkmerge. Download the latest SMOKE v4.6 and then replace your current Smkmerge with the latest version.

Hello B.H.

Thank you for your response. I still have this issue. Based on your advice I compiled Smkmerge v4.6 for our cluster and processed my fire emissions file with it and Smkmerge finished without choking and now I have some error messages!

ERROR: some requested counties not found in county name files:

Code: 006017
Code: 006061
Code: 032510
Code: 032005

I checked my COSTCY file and that file already contains these codes! What do you think is the problem?

Thanks in advance.


We haven’t seen this type of error if a properly formatted COSTCY file is used. Did you use one of the files we provided for the platform?

There is one in this file (although admittedly this file is large to download):

I don’t think there is an issue with having more counties in the file than you need…


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